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A Slice Of Tomato

By • Nov 12th, 2007 • Category: Burger Toppings

Slices of Tomato in a burger
The tomato and the sandwich have long been in partnership all over the world, but the tomato and the burger is a matching that is only the norm in America.

Providing an extra layer of color and a unique juicy texture, the addition of the tomato is something that has naturally transferred from Americas love of the sandwich. In other parts of the world the red fruit is more represented as a condiment such as chilli sauce or ketchup.
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    John Ludway Says:

    Dear Readers: I traveled to a city in Ohio that claimed to be the home of the “inventor” of the modern tomato. An early American botanist, he bred numerous types of tomatoes, creating the first widely accepted variety of slicing tomato. I have forgotten his name and the town of his renown. Any suggestions?

    John D. Ludway

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