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Burger Builder

By • Mar 2nd, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

Cooking games are popular in Japan (or maybe Korea!) and they always have a fun and unique feel to them. This is a simple burger building game that we have called Burger Builder.

Use the left and right arrow keys to select the burger ingredients at the bottom and press space to use it, the aim of the game is to recreate the burgers pictured in the top left.

Don’t forget to fill up the drink order too and press enter when you think you are done. You will tell by the sound effect that plays whether you got it right or wrong.

What do you thing of the Burger Builder game?

29 Responses to “Burger Builder”

  1. 1
    LExi Says:

    WTF THis is stupid y would u want make a game in freakin chineese or w.e. it is?!?!?!

  2. 2
    Your Mom Says:

    Stop being lil prick. Just because its in JAPANESE (not chinese, you tard.) doesnt mean it’s not an easy, simple game

  3. 3
    Amy Says:

    its easy you just to make the topping press space and left to right and then press enter to serve it! dumb people well u might not be dumb but yea lol

  4. 4
    nixczie Says:

    u guys are messed up!
    if u don’t want this game get out of here then!
    u don’t do that!
    freak u guys!

  5. 5
    taz_devil Says:

    well, this game is actually in korean and it’s quite an easy game if you are patient enough to try to figure out how to do it

  6. 6
    Mogalita Says:

    uhm…the reason this is most discussed is because its the stupidest freakin thing ever. not gonna lie.

  7. 7
    Bianca baccus Says:

    I Love Burgers And Lewis Is CRAP In bed

  8. 8
    Derrick E. Vaughan Says:

    There is a new recipe for a new burger called the Dunkadelic-Double Cheeseburger for all the basketball fans who are watching the NBA playoffs. The recipe looks like a LeBron James power slam dunk Dunkadelic-Double Cheeseburger I like that it pretty cool.

  9. 9
    Brianna Says:

    this game is for gay fags

  10. 10
    AlliSON Says:


    i HATE iT!

    THiS iS AMERiCA.

    PUT iT iN ENGliSH.



  11. 11
    Brianna Says:

    jap games suuuck!!

  12. 12
    Shay-Lynne Says:

    This game is fun and I figered it out but thats not my langauge.
    I speak English, French and Spanish.

  13. 13
    abby Says:

    this is not japanese, you retards. it’s in korean! it makes me so mad that you would correct someone and act like you’re so smart when you’re not even sure what language it’s in!

    i should know, i’m korean…

  14. 14
    ashley Says:

    C’MON. its korean. -,- not Japanese.

  15. 15
    Leesa Says:

    actually this isn’t America. not everything has to be about America.. England all the way!

  16. 16
    joe Says:


  17. 17
    Philly Says:

    #2 Its not Japanese, Its KOREAN!!!. Damnit dont call somebody a tard if you are ignorant of the HUGE difference between Korean Hangul and Japanese.

  18. 18
    billy goat Says:

    this game is very addicting but it should be in english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    jjm Says:

    wat the helll men i dnt get it

  20. 20
    angeline.. Says:

    it took me 2 seconds to understand. yeah it’s kinda weird. but fun at the same time? stop flipping shit because it’s not in english. just play the game. seriously, fags.

  21. 21
    5kloy Says:

    it’s in korean not japanese
    1) just move left and right to select the toppings
    2) after each topping u choose press space to prepare it [if u need 2 patties just press space twice]
    3) after u have prepare the drink and burger just press enter to give them to the customers

  22. 22
    ello! Says:

    this is the sh*t right here! one of the best games ever made! i can play while fing your mom!!!!
    (tell her to call me) ; )

  23. 23
    Melissa Someoneeeee Says:

    kaaaaaaaayye, well… Y’all are idiot for having like… different launguages here, FIGHTING over which is which. I am a freshman and I know that its englishgermanpiglatinitalianpolishviatnamieesfrencharibic.

  24. 24
    Paige Says:

    DONT YOU GUYS HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO??? If youre gonna argue about such things you might as well call yourself virgins for life and sit home playing with your little virgin friends.

  25. 25
    Olive Says:

    this game is in Korean.

  26. 26
    Corpie Says:

    This is a really good game and i think that you should all shut up.

  27. 27
    sykia Says:

    hellow this game issssss sooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and i like it……………………………

  28. 28
    sexiirezzybaybee Says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! dis is a game to bring out ALL YOU HATERS SO EITHER PLAY IT OR SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!! IM TIRED OF THIS ISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) take that!

  29. 29
    YO MOMMA!!!!!!!! :) Says:

    Ok u guys need to freaking chill this game is awesome who cares if its in a different language jeez :)

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