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Burger Restaurant Game

By • Dec 16th, 2007 • Category: Burger Games

Take charge of another busy burger joint in the Burger Restaurant Game. As usual things start off simple with just a few customers ordering basic burgers but things soon get a lot busier when you start serving fries, shakes, chicken burgers and more.

The Burger Restaurant Game lets you save your progress as you move from level to level so you can keep coming back for more.

News flash: play the sequel Burger Restaurant 2.

67 Responses to “Burger Restaurant Game”

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  1. 50
    MiissHayleeyyBabiiee x Says:

    Hiii Guys ;
    Yeah I Think The Game Is Fair Good
    But Is Waayyyyyyyy To Slow !!
    I’m Stuck On Level 16 As Well !!!!
    If She Had A Bit More Speed ( Alot More !! )
    Then We Could Complete The 16th Level!!!

    Miss Hayleeyyy :D x

  2. 49
    ella Says:

    the game is so cool but the problem is when it’s loading….. tooo slowwwwwwwww

  3. 48
    NoraZul Says:

    Its not hard or wat the waitress walking is like so damn f…… slow!!

  4. 47
    NoraZul Says:

    Even old woman walks faster! Do Sumthing about this game its so damn slow!!!!!!

  5. 46
    nickke Says:

    this game is dumb

  6. 45
    TANYA Says:


  7. 44
    obsessivebabe Says:

    wow this is soo slowwwwwwwwwwww and dumb

  8. 43
    richards Says:

    this game is very nice , can you got new one and nice coking game , buger game ,or pizza game i waiting you ! ok!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 42
    Val Says:

    I absolutely love thisd game!! You guys are really jacked up if you cant win it! Unfortunately I’m on to 3 but it won’t work for me! It just won’t load! erghhhh!

  10. 41
    sammi Says:

    i don’t like this game the person is to slow

  11. 40
    chloe Says:

    haa, youre all proper sad ;))
    <3 x

  12. 39
    borisisdumb Says:

    I hate it, was so hard to do and the stupid little waiter wouldn’t do what I said, it’s so crap!

  13. 38
    jess Says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t figure out how many freaking lvls there are, if it just keeps gong I don’t want to play forever!

  14. 37
    geria Says:

    heyy for the ones that thinks this is so hard its really not i bet all the levels like ten times already but when i first started it was hard….

  15. 36
    )DJERL(Cool Says:

    Game is cool but it’s so long to load!!! My head will explode,its very long!!!!!!

  16. 35
    Scarlet Says:

    I finished the game… it’s not that hard… I found a trick to make her go faster, when she is walking move your mouse in a circle. It worked for me. This game seriously needs to be fixed… it’s boring and annoying!!!

  17. 34
    Sponge Girl Says:

    Love it

  18. 33


  19. 32
    skyler Says:

    if this game dont load i will hurt something or someone

  20. 31
    BRplayer Says:

    This game is great. It does not suck. True, there are not enough instructions but the game is about timing and prioritizing. Especially when it comes to the robbers. When the robber starts scanning the room from left to right, get over there and whack him with the bat.

  21. 30
    Ellie Says:

    Hayy This Gamme Is Realli Gudd Andd I Have Completed Iht

  22. 29
    helo Says:

    if the robber is about to steal money, go close to it and you will be able to whack it.

  23. 28
    Hamony Says:

    This game Is So Crap Dnt Even Kno What To Do :O

  24. 27
    pugywug Says:

    i like this game ! but it’s sooooooooo hard to do the 16th level but i’m still trying! : ) i prefer the second one because she’s ten times faster!

    i wonder if theres a hot dog resturunt game ?

  25. 26
    Dee Says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….completed teh 17th levellllllllllllllll…………….woooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhooooooooo

  26. 25
    Sugar manna~ Says:

    hey guy!!

    Yous are all nerds!!
    love ya babie girla

  27. 24
    tibz Says:

    am i de onli 1 hu lyks dis game?

  28. 23
    Siennaaaa Says:

    Awesome Game!
    Dude Can’t Get Any Further Than Level 11 Though!
    Stilll Loviin Dis Game!
    xo xo

  29. 22
    » Burger Restaurant 2 » Burger Games Says:

    [...] Restaurant 2 is here, if you haven’t played it already then make sure you play the original Burger Restaurant [...]

  30. 21
    saraaaaaaaa Says:

    i hate the friken game its so spasticated sad bloody burger shit

  31. 20
    Jordan Britton Says:

    speaking for everyone, this game is pumplex, whammmm to ya!!

  32. 19
    Tamar Says:

    Stupid thing! It keeps glitching and not going where I click! And seriously, she got two hands why doesn’t she use them both!

  33. 18
    Steph Says:

    This Game is Soooo Boring!!!!! :(

  34. 17
    Rajaa Says:

    I’ve completed the game. Although it is too slow, I couldn’t quit playing it.

  35. 16
    abu Says:

    i made it!!

  36. 15
    WayneG Says:

    Yeah, i made it.

    Was hard work

  37. 14
    Suzanna Says:

    waiting for the game to get downloaded bugs me

  38. 13
    Taylor :D Says:

    Yeah, I agree with Sarah this stupid chick moves like a sloth so this game wasn’t worth my time. Next time put a b**ch that can actually walk. thanks

  39. 12
    sarah Says:

    she is amazingly slow…i QUIT!!! whoever made this game is dumb

  40. 11
    Lily Says:

    So this game is really slow, i mean it would be awesome if it were faster.

  41. 10
    cinnam0n Says:

    So, this game doesn’t have a lot of instruction! My problem is when the bat appears and starts hitting the guy who I’m trying to serve. I’m just standing there with the order while the clock ticks down, and can’t seem to do anything to stop it. Does anyone know how to deal with this? And does clicking on the thief stop him? Can’t get past level 18!

  42. 9
    jazzie Says:

    she is so freakin slow she need a freakin upgrade!!! no joke.

  43. 8
    mercedes Says:

    so i made it to level 18, but i think my mission stops here, its way to hard to pass this level. i keep trying & trying to reach the fnish and i cant happen to get there :(

  44. 7
    sarah Says:

    I am finally on level 18!!!! But I can not get pass this level…that sucks…i think i have finally ended my juorney :(

  45. 6
    jodie. Says:

    ha! i’m on level 17. but tbh i cannot get any furthur. it’s so depressing and frustrating, those stinking robbers.

  46. 5
    mercedes Says:

    this game is whack, if we were to be day 16 she needs to be a lot faster, and the stupid robberies take my money every time i’m fixing to win, so this game is dumb, how do you expect to go any farther then day 16 please fix that problem!

  47. 4
    sarah Says:

    She is way to SLOWW!!!! OMG i cant pass level 16!!! It is making me mad :(

  48. 3
    Tarlyce Says:

    shes too entirley slow to be working inside a place like this by her self she needs more help and she also moves to slow

  49. 2
    tiffany Says:

    i dont like it either

  50. 1
    Alex Says:

    I don’t really like this game compared to the others lol…

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