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40 on Steak

By • May 27th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Is 40 a magic number?

Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and nights. The dead are mourned for 40 days in Christian and Muslin cultures. A woman is pregnant for 40 weeks. Ali Baba had to hide from 40 thieves. And, you have to get 40 winks, before you’re said to have enjoyed a short sleep.

Elsewhere, in the cheeseburger front, David Burke Primehouse‘s executive chef, Rick Gresh, says their slabs of beef have to be aged for 40 days or they will lose their distinctive taste.

I’m not sure what it is about the number 40 that makes the number the stuff of legends and stories. I do know that if Gresh says he needs 40 days and nights to age his beef, then he’s welcome to it. After all, I can’t imagine having a Primehouse burger done any other way.

You see, the beef that David Burke Primehouse uses all come from Prime. Let me make that clear – they come from Prime; they are not Prime. Prime is a 2,500-pound giant of a Black Angus bull who lives on a Kentucky farm and spends his days siring (actual process not as exciting as described).

Beef from Prime’s offspring can be chomped down at David Burke Primehouse. If that sounds upsetting, forgive me. I’ve been enjoying the Primehouse burger for too long I forget it’s someone’s offspring I’m eating. There’s no changing the fact that the Primehouse is cheeseburger haven, though.

dbprimeburgerHow delicious is their burger?

It’s the taste of a steakhouse trapped between buns.

It’s creamy, warm, creamy, and tender.

It’s bacon and all its smokiness dripping from a patty.

It’s happiness on mayonnaise.

It’s justice on pan-friend crispy shallots and garlicky spinach.

And it has my name on it, every lunchtime.

Going back to the question, is 40 a magic number? I’m not sure, but where one of my favorite burgers is concerned, 40 days on steak tastes like magic. You should take my word for it.

I, Sally, seeker of cheeseburger wonder, have spoken.

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