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A Mac By Any Other Name

By • Jun 8th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

So, Todd finally found the courage to pop his Big Mac cherry. In honor of that occasion, let’s talk Big Mac.

You know what your Big Mac is made of. It’s made of patties, onions, iceberg lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and a special “Mac” sauce. But that’s the Big Mac you know; what about the Big Mac you don’t?

Elsewhere in the world, this spectacularly average part of Americana comes with a different face and a different name.

Maharaja Mac. How do you sell the Big Mac to a population that does not eat beef? If you’re from McDonalds’, here’s how you will do it: you will replace beef with lamb and baptize the resulting burger, Maharaja.  India, land of mysticism, elephants, mahajaras, and slumdog millionaires has the Maharaja Mac, formerly with lamb for patties; now, made of chicken.

A Mac for the beef-hatin'

A Mac for the beef-hatin'

Mega Tamago. You won’t find this in Japanese drive-thru’s now, but not too long ago, the Japanese were munching on a Japanese Mac called the Mega Tamago.

Meet the mega tamago.

Meet the mega tamago.

The McKinley Mac. This glorious pile of cheese and two-quarter pound patties is named after the highest peak in North America – Mount McKinley. Don’t go phoning for McKinley Macs, though; this burger is only available in Alaska.

Hello, McKinley Mac!

Hello, McKinley Mac!

Son of Mac. First of all, I believe it makes perfect sense for this burger to exist. We have the son of God, the son of a gun, and the son of a bitch. Why not toss in the son of Mac to that lineup? This burger was formerly sold in Australia and is still available in some U.S outlets as the Mac Jr.

Mac Mitzvah. I kid! I kid! I really have no idea what the Israeli version of the Big Mac is. But when I was there, I got to try their kosher version of the Big Mac. It tasted pretty much like the Big Macs here, except that it does not have cheese and it does not have a name – not a name I caught onto, anyway. And even if I did, I doubt it would be something I can pronounce without popping a vein.

What about your Big Mac? What is it called? How does it look?

2 Responses to “A Mac By Any Other Name”

  1. 1
    Dominic Says:

    Seriously you should retake 4th grade?? your grammar is atrocious! My eyes hurt, thanks.

  2. 2
    Chubs Says:

    I just recently ordered a Big Mac with quarter pounder patties.
    It was what a Big Mac should be like, I wish they would make it a menu item in other places than Alaska.

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