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Australians Claim World’s Biggest Burger Title

By • Jun 10th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

A Vegemite sandwich, it sure ain’t. Owners of an Australian cafe have created a 210-pound cheeseburger, a feat they say will put them in the record books.

The beastly burger is made up of 178 pounds of ground beef, 120 eggs used as a binding agent for the meat, 120 slices of cheese, 16 tomatoes, 4 pounds of lettuce, a pound of barbecue sauce, a 46-pound sesame seed bun… and over 3 pounds of beetroot, which is, inexplicably, a wildly popular burger topping in the Land Down Under.

I’ve always wanted to break a world record,” said Joe El-Ajouz, who owns the Ambrosia on the Spot cafe with his wife Iman.  “This is a bit of fun and a marketing tool to get people in here and get them talking.

That “bit of fun” required 3 months of planning leading up to the burger’s cooking, which began Saturday night.  And even then, there were some tense moments before Sunday’s public assembly and unveiling in the Sydney suburb of Randwick.

My husband had to prepare special metal holders and a metal plate.  He had one at the bottom, one at the top… locked them together, and they flipped the burger with that,” Iman explained.  “Flipping it was pretty hard.  It took four blokes to turn the thing over.

But they did it, and after an official weigh-in, the burger was cut into pieces and served, feeding over 100 people.  Mr. and Mrs. El-Ajouz expect the good people at Guinness to crown them with the title that had previously belonged to Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill outside of Detroit, Michigan.

“But wait just a maple leaf-pickin’ minute!” you’re screaming.  “What aboot Ted Reader, eh?!?”

Yes, you’ll recall that just a month ago, the Canadian chef constructed a 590-pound burger on the streets of Toronto, reducing the Aussie effort to little more than a bite-sized slyder, proportionately-speaking.  But I have a hunch that it will come down to some careful wording of the official title that will ultimately give both burgs a piece of the spotlight.

The title that Mallie’s Absolutely Ridiculous Burger held was “Biggest Commerically-Available Burger.”  That moniker means something that’s on a menu that you can go in someplace and order.  The Guinness gurus, in fact, informed the El-Ajouzes that their 210-pounder must remain on the Ambrosia on the Spot menu for 12 months in order to qualify.  The Canadian cheebie seemed to be a one-off creation, that, while surely the World’s Biggest, may not be considered commercially available, despite Reader’s claim that he’ll offer the quarter-tonner through his catering company.

That may all be a moot point, though, because the El-Ajouzes say their 210-pound burger will cost patrons big bikkies, to the tune of $1,000.  Crikey.

*Photos in this article came from Reuters and Tracee Lea of The Daily Telegraph.

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    Bob’s BBQ Says:

    This is so true about being on the menu. Our previous world record burger has been on our menu since 2006 and we have sold a whopping half a dozen. lol

    1 of which was used in a movie production for Japanese film.

    Anyone can make a one off. But can you make it, and serve it to the customers in a normal days shift.

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