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Boil In A Can Cheeseburger

By • Mar 2nd, 2008 • Category: Burger Blog

Say hello to the cheeseburger in a can that is cooked by throwing the whole thing in a pot of boiling water.

The research required to write this page involved searching for the “history of canning” on Google and learning that canning food was state of the art military technology in 1810 – soldiers were trained to use bayonets to open their canned meat rations.

By the middle of the nineteenth century canned food became a status symbol amongst wealthy households in Europe, this was brought on by the revolutionary can opener technology that became available at that time.

All of that 200 year history has been leading to where we are now, a new more enlightened era of independent thought and advanced computer technology…

Cheeseburger In A Can

You can buy this creation here.

Boil In a Can Cheeseburger

You just throw it into a pot of boiling water and wait…

Canned Cheeseburger

You can stop doubting it now, it really is a cheeseburger in a can.

Boiled Cheeseburger

Read the full eating experience review here.

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57 Responses to “Boil In A Can Cheeseburger”

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  1. 50
    joe Says:

    thats the kind of gross crap we should be shipping overseas as foreign aid. but hell, i’d try one

  2. 49
    Carramit Says:

    If it came down to it, hell ya ide eat it to survive. Ive probably ate worse… haha

  3. 48
    Micnikki Says:

    let me get this straight,why would you guys put a damn hamburger in a can!!!thats so stupid!!!!!you might as well give it to the haiti.because my friend is from the haiti and her name is Dananika shes black and she just moved to america shes from the Dominican Republic isnt that so scarey to you?
    well i should say give those DAMN HAMBURGERS AND GIVE IT TO THE HAITI and heres a little treat for you:)( thats a butt! (it doesnt really look like on huh?) so anyways ur suckish

  4. 47
    Ann Says:

    It doesn’t look horrible, but couldn’t they leave the pickles off? That ruined it for me. I love pickles, but not on my burgers.

  5. 46
    james Says:

    looks good

  6. 45
    BrianlOvEr Says:

    This looks like something I would pull out of my friend’s vagina!! Just kidding but it really looks gross.

  7. 44
    Aimee Says:

    they look awesome, really want one now. cant find where to buy them though :(

  8. 43
    jasman Says:

    that shit look half done

  9. 42
    razzk Says:

    that is sick as shit looking

  10. 41
    audra harp Says:

    and but i do agree with you casandra

  11. 40
    audra harp Says:

    um i dont agree with yall i think that its a very creative idea and that it would be a good idea for military and for pepole who are going on trips. and yall cant say anything about how good or bad the burger is unless you have tried it. it might be the best burger you have ever tried in your life. think about it this way pepole might think your ugly from the outside but you might be the funniest or the most creativest or nicest person thay have ever meet if thay would only have meet you though .

  12. 39
    casandra Says:

    guys it might look gross
    but thats a really really good idea

    i would have never thought to do this…
    props to the person that made this invention

  13. 38
    emma Says:

    save the red pandas!

  14. 37
    ronald mc donald Says:

    i wouldnt even sniff it but its no different to one of my burgers from mac d’s that ur all happy to eat! try searching for the 20 year old mc donalds burger that still looks the same as when made!

  15. 36
    Pam Says:

    I love our Military – all branches. They are working to keep US safe. Why do you want them to eat inferior food? They should have only the best!

  16. 35
    BURGER, Says:

    I want this one also. Moreee burgerss :P

  17. 34
    Noone Says:

    In a can or in a pack… almost the same….

  18. 33
    ur mom Says:

    i am ashamed i cannot believe that u guys have such a low opionon of the armed forces that protect ur country. u think that if its not good enough for u give it to the militarty u guys are asholes ur not the ones getting ur body blwon to bits by the arabs if afganistan. losers

  19. 32
    Ellie Says:

    wher ecan i buy this??!!

  20. 31
    Elmo Says:


  21. 30
    Larissa Says:

    It looks as bad a a BUrger From McDonalds

  22. 29
    Sharon Says:

    Just… no.

  23. 28
    louise Says:

    ugggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is disgusting! and to think i wanted to start putting weight on with burgers! only to find and see that shit!!!! fucking hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 27
    gfhhgf Says:

    OMG that is the nastiest thing ever!! wouldnt the sandwich get soggy from the heat being enclosed in a tight space???

  25. 26
    adhd Says:

    it is just SO SOS O wrong, really people WTF, i love burgers as much or more than the next guy, hell im a stoner and i wouldnt even touch this, id rather eat muslei lmao

    oh the humanity

  26. 25
    Debbie Says:

    If it looks so bad WHY in the world would anyone wish it on our dedicated military??? That is what really sounds sick!!

  27. 24
    TOBES!!! Says:

    wouldn’t be a bad idea if they rationed this,
    Especially in the military.

  28. 23
    Mk Says:

    you know what it would be good for?

    Military use.

  29. 22
    Gabriel Says:

    Eeeeyuck. I would pop the lid off and use the sharp edge to remove some of my fingers and cook them instead.

  30. 21
    Jacob Says:

    this would b good if there was raw sausages mixed into it…

  31. 20
    katiebo Says:

    yuk i would never eat that weve already got macas dont we? so why not just buy one there instead of eating goe stuf !!

  32. 19
    DBA Says:

    wow! looks yummy! where can i get these?

  33. 18
    sddfdfsdsdf Says:

    it was probably from soviet russia

  34. 17
    Jesus Says:

    is this legal?

  35. 16
    Ellie Says:

    Well this looks really nice emmm i dont want this at my wedding though x x

  36. 15
    jenn Says:

    i think the only purpose of them being in grocery stores would be for emergency use, for like hurricanes and all, but other than that, that looks pretty bad

  37. 14
    Sammie-Poo(: Says:

    Eww, that stuff looks sick as freaaaak[:
    I would never put that in my mouth let alone touch it..whoever came up with this needs to be shot if their not deceased already.. & Tkeyah…get a life hunny, if you’re so hungry go to the mission or something.

  38. 13
    tkeyah Says:

    thats looks good how can i get one. if it comes early i can finally eat i haven’t ate in 4 days im starved please feed me i am hungry. i wish i had some one who loves me. and that would feed me.

  39. 12
    dominic Says:

    that looks nasty it would be good for millitary use!!!!!!!!!

  40. 11
    Jim Says:

    So researching taste tests on these canned cheeseburgers. I have found that the burgers do not taste very good at all.
    They have been compared to those “crappy Salisbury Steak TV Dinners”.

  41. 10
    kelly Says:

    that looks discuiting ;(.
    But good for miltery .

  42. 9
    Obama Rocks! Says:


  43. 8
    Kris Says:

    but it looks gross.

  44. 7
    Kris Says:

    yea would b good for military use.. or space…

  45. 6
    Stephanie Says:

    ewww ; p that is so gross! It’s mush in a can! who would eat that?

  46. 5
    Stephanie Says:

    that is the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen! leave it to the old timers to create something so nasty!! :p

  47. 4
    poko Says:

    i think its good for military use

  48. 3
    guy Says:

    gross :(

  49. 2
    Nash Says:

    I agree with you Akie, Burger in a can sounds horrid yuk yuk. Rather stay hungry.

  50. 1
    akie Says:

    erghhh man :|

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