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Greek Lamb Burgers at The Counter

By • May 24th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

The Counter is a burger joint with a build your own gourmet burger concept. We popped in and sampled their burger of the month, a Greek Lamb Burger.

The Counter - Burger Menu Concept

I have to admit that I’m a little suspicious when a restaurant (especially a non-pizza joint) offers a “build-your-own” option. It often shows the restaurant doesn’t trust its own creativity, and if it can’t do that, is it really worth your money?

But our good friends at The Counter have made quite an enterprise off this model. With locations around the country, The Counter has emerged as a funky new kind of burger joint, and is picking up quite a following locally and online, with 28 locations in the US and three in foreign countries.

Among the interesting features of The Counter are the many possible combinations of ingredients you can choose from, as well as the inventory of sides, where sweet potato fries, parmesan cheese fries, fried pickles, and onion strings join the traditional fries as options.

This time, however, I’m brought back because of The Counter’s burger of the month. The restaurant has a regular set of pre-crafted signature burgers, including a special one each month. This past month, it was a Greek-Inspired lamb burger.

Greek Lamb Burger at The Counter

At times I’m not eating burgers, Greek is one of my favorite kids of food. I lived near a Greek wrap place in Rhode Island not so long ago, where I noshed on wraps with grilled spice meats with fresh veggies and toppings to my heart’s delight. Truly a nice break from eating sandwiches all the time. To this day, no other Greek food I’ve had has come close.

In addition to spiced lamb, this burger had roasted red pepper feta cheese, fried pepperoncinis, mixed greens, red onion, tomato, and tzatiki sauce. A lot of these ingredients you’d find in many of the Greek wraps I used to eat, along with either grilled chicken, grilled gyro meat, or Kafta (spiced lamb).

You don’t often see lamb offered at burger joints, but this rendition was a nice throwback to my Greek eating days. The spiced lamb clashes nicely with the tzatiki sauce, and the pepperoncinis and onion provide extra color to the flavor without getting in the way of the lamb.

I heard a rumor amongst the staff there that The Counter is considering making the Greek Lamb Burger a permanent addition to the menu. Here’s one diner hoping that rumor becomes a reality.

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    Matt Says:

    Found your post while looking for good lamb in RI. I was hoping that you had the name of or general location of the Greek place you mention.

    Thank you,

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