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Jamba Juice Unveils Cheeseburger Smoothie

By • Jul 28th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

McDonald’s announced recently that they’ll start selling smoothies.  That news has prompted an unusual response from one smoothie chain.  If a burger joint wants to go after a piece of the smoothie pie, then Jamba Juice has decided that they’ll break into the burger biz.  They’ve released a video spot to debut their newest creation, the Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie:

The 45-second ad, viewed here, features an uber-catchy ukulele tune with lyrics that explain the new menu item:

We got lots of love for the cheeseburger/And we’re all about the smoothies, all right/We put ‘em both together/Put the burger in a blender/Good stuff comes out just right.

As the music fades out, a narrator informs you that “to get one, go to”  When you do, the landing page within Jamba Juice’s site features a visual of the burger-in-a-blender, with the tagline, “Taking the burger to a whole new level.”

…And then the screen changes to reveal that it’s all an elaborate hoax.  The text reads: “For real?  Is Jamba Juice getting into the burger business?  NO WAY.  But it does seem some burger chains are getting into the smoothie business- which to us, is about as weird as a Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie.“  The copy goes on to state, “Thanks for being in on the joke,” and offers a dollar-off coupon for any real Jamba Juice smoothie, good at one of the chain’s 700+ locations in 30 states.

It’s a well-done jab, right up there with famous Saturday Night Live parody ads like “Colon Blow” breakfast cereal, “Schmidt’s Gay Beer,” and “First CityWide Change Bank.”  But Jamba Juice may actually be feeling a little bit of heat from Mickey D’s foray into their marketplace, as early taste tests report that the clown can do a damn fine smoothie.  By that crazy logic, I say Jamba Juice really should start doing cheebies; even after they’ve been pureed in a Cuisinart, they’d likely end up being better than what you’ll find at the Golden Arches.

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    gross. looks like poo

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