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Mickey D Unveils New Angus Burger

By • Jul 3rd, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Big news in the burger world today as McDonald’s has announced the rolling out of its new cheeseburger offering.  The Angus Third Pounder has hit select markets, and will apparently be available nationwide within the coming weeks and months.  Residents of Southern California have already been chomping on these for a little while (that’s where the idea came from) and burger lovers in Chicagoland got their first taste just this week.  Supposedly, these have been on the menu in Canada for a couple of years! (What’s up with that?  Cheap meds AND they get the new burgers first?!?)

mcd sign

You’ll be able to rock the Angus three different ways, according to a special website dedicated to the burger.  The Deluxe features crunchy crinkle-cut pickles, red onion slices, lettuce, and a thicker tomato than you’re used to.  The Mushroom & Swiss has, well… just that.  This one seems to be getting most of the love from early reviewers, like Kevin Pang, Cheeseburger Bureau Chief (damn, I want that job!) for the Chicago Tribune.  Finally, the Bacon & Cheese is topped with pickles and onions, but highlights strips of bacon that Pang calls “surprisingly crisp” and “intensely smoky.”  They all feature angus beef patties weighing a third of a pound, two slices of cheese (if the pictures are to be believed), and new braided sesame seed buns.

mcdonalds angus

Call me skeptical.  Maybe it’s my recent less-than-stellar introduction to their flagship Big Mac.  Maybe it’s the clown’s less-than-stellar track record with new burgers.  Anyone remember the Arch Burger?  The Big N’ Tasty?  The McD.L.T.?  Or maybe it’s the fact that these are going to sell for FOUR BUCKS a pop when the economy is in the toilet.

Some experts have already predicted that the Angus Third Pounder will not reel in new customers so much as simply sway existing McDonald’s customers away from their other burgers.  So what happens when this supposedly limited-time-only Angus burger goes away?  Do those fans just quietly go back to the inferior Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with Cheese?  Hmmm.

All of that said, I’m quite sure I’ll end up trying one, because I’m a sucker and an eternal optimist and a cheeseburger whore and just a generally weak, weak man.  I’ll let you know what I think when the Angus makes it to my neck of the woods. 

What about you guys?  Tried this one yet?  Going to?

2 Responses to “Mickey D Unveils New Angus Burger”

  1. 1
    nesalove3 Says:

    i would try it if i wasnt afraid of all the calories

  2. 2
    sphincter Says:

    Not a massive junk eater, but tried the Mighty Angus after a big night on the grog. It’s not bad.

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