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The Best Cheeseburger of My Life

By • May 21st, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

“…because it’s never too late to start wasting your life.”

That’s the motto at The Vortex Bar & Grill in Atlanta, Georgia.  It’s in a funky little neighborhood called Little Five Points (L5P  to the locals).  Think tattoos and piercings, Chuck Taylors and Doc Martens, skateboards and Harleys, punk rock and goth chic.  You’ll know The Vortex by the 20-foot-tall skull you have to walk through to get inside.


Yeah, it’s kind of a landmark.  But The Vortex is especially known around Atlanta for a few other things: the smoking-hot biker-girl wait staff, the 6-page liquor menu, and burgers that have consistently been ranked the best in the city for 17 years.

The menu features 20 different burgers, including gut-busting highlights like The Great Big Jerk, The Yokohama Mama, The Spanish Fly, and what was long considered the crown jewel, The Coronary Bypass.  The impromptu creation of a hungover waiter (at least that’s what he told me one day), it features 3 slices of American cheese, 4 strips of bacon, mayo… and a fried egg! The menu’s description ended with the editorial comment, “You must have lost your mind.” For years, it was as perfect as a cheeseburger got for me.

And then they changed the menu.

At first, I feared that a group of overzealous health nuts might have infiltrated the Vortex and banned the Bypass, leaving me with nothing more than a spare tire, a few extra cholesterol points, and some fond memories of The Best Cheeseburger of My Life (B.C.O.M.L. from now on).

Nope.  It got better.  In late 2007, The Vortex unveiled The Double Coronary.


You’re looking at The Vortex’s usual one-half pound of sirloin with lettuce and onion, now topped with 4 slices of American cheese, 5 strips of bacon, and 2 fried eggs.  In only the slightest show of restraint, the mayo is served on the side.  But here comes the kicker.  Instead of buns, The Double Coronary is served between… wait for it… TWO GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!

I’ll wait while you mop up that puddle of drool on your mouse pad.

It is literally a jaw-dropping burger. But it’s also exceptionally good.  Unlike a lot of “extreme” cheeseburgers that are topped with crazy things just for the sake of being crazy, The Double Coronary actually tastes good.  Amazing, in fact.  Granted, I wasn’t hungry again for 24 hours, but I never felt like I had eaten some wacky experiment that was assembled just to get mentioned on websites like this one. 

Now, don’t get me wrong: at 13 bucks, it would be an expensive daily habit… not to mention a dangerous one.  But when I want the ultimate cheeseburger experience, there’s simply no other place, and no other choice.

There are lot of cheeseburgers out there, and I’m always up for trying a new one just about anywhere.  But until further notice, this is the standard against which all others will be judged.  Behold The Double Coronary.  B.C.O.M.L.

So, what was the best cheeseburger of your life?

9 Responses to “The Best Cheeseburger of My Life”

  1. 1
    Kyle Says:

    Holeee crap, i can feel my arteries clogging as I type this and

    graaag hnarf…….

    This is stomach speaking, seek burger NOW, this body is MINE until i find that burger.

  2. 2
    becca Says:

    i had the best burger ever at cheeseburger cheeseburger when i was on vacation in ft. lauderdale it was so delicious and perfect.

  3. 3
    Sam888 Says:

    you must be freakin retarded if you think this is the best cheeseburger – it ain’t even a cheeseburger, it’s a bunch of random shit thrown together with a burger in there somewhere. You could just as easily call this a grilled cheese. Let me guess, you’re Southern?

  4. 4
    Jasmine Peters Says:

    um that dosen’t look good at all just to let you know but i mean it’s whatever you think but if you where to ask for mi opinion like i said that doesn’t look god at all

  5. 5
    Raiders757 Says:

    There’s a place in the western part of Virginia that’s been serving hamburgers between two grill cheese sandwiches for a very long time now, and many places have been copying them lately. I have read about this burger elsewhere, and it sounds nuts. The one in Va. doesn’t come with eggs and a health warning though.

    The bacon looks a little flimsy in that pic. Does the cheese in the grill cheese sandwiches count as part of the four pieces of cheese, or does it up the count to six? It’s nice to read that the mayo is left off. Really, is there a need for mayo on a burger like that? Actually, mayo doesn’t belong a good burger at all. That’s just a straight up burger foul.

  6. 6
    u ppl are haters Says:

    wow people this BURGER is a BURGER no matter if the buns are bread or sanwiches also if you personally dont like it and think its bad then u really shouldnt consider yourself a BURGER lover because only a BURGER lover would visit this site… i love this site because it has real pictures of burgers rather than crappy photoshopped pictures

  7. 7
    reynard61 Says:

    DAAAAAAAAY-UM!!! My eyes and taste-buds are saying “YES!”, but my stomach, heart and circulatory system are telling me in no uncertain terms: “If you do, you will be burning a bridge that *CANNOT* be re-built!” 3-to-2, guys. Looks like you’re out-voted…

  8. 8
    Samsquantch Says:

    I couldn’t tell you how many insanely topped burgers I’ve had in my life, and honestly, the double coronary is by far the best. Had my first one today, best cheeseburger of my life.
    The layering works perfectly.. cheese smothered eggs, loads of bacon, onion and tomato, all kept safe between two crunchy but still soft grilled cheese sandwiches. This might sound like all too much, but the star of the show is still that amazing, huge, delicious beef mound. It tastes like a burger, eats like a burger, leaves you full for a day, but satisfied and planning your next visit.

  9. 9
    Rocketeer Says:

    What does being Southern have to do with my opinion on burgers. It is not retarded to have AN OPINION, you ignorant people.

    This is a burger and a burger that I’m willing to eat (if it doesn’t give me a heart attack)

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